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Its really rare to stumble onto a band or music with no prior connecting points to mutual friends, another label, a live show, a recommendation, a demo, but thus is the high point yield of living at least part of the life in cyber space and its possibility for randomness. It is there that we discovered the rich and impressive body of work present and future that is Atlanta’s Featureless Ghost. Seeing a live video of a radio performance of their song Scanproof was a revelation of what could still be done in the contemporary saturated music environment with synth and electronic pop music. Not wearing any genre classifications or influences distinctly on their sleeves, but creating a rich connection to what came before (think Chris and Cosey, OMD etc) Featureless Ghost couple Matt Weiner (also records as Twins) and Elise Tippins are as critical as they are prolific bringing distinct song craft into composition while being very much a live band. With rich dual vocal sections, hi-fi home recording and mixing, Featureless Ghost is just getting started. An LP on NP is already in the works as well and we couldn’t have more confidence in the possibilities and present creative momentum of this band. Artwork by Shawn Reed. ”

- Night-People

Music video for “Know-U” from the MindBody EP
Directed by Fantastic Lands

Stream the full EP here (please note we will be releasing a few tracks a week so it will not be complete until late March 2012)

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